Fuel Girls Stage: FUEL GIRL - Katrina

Australian Fuel Girl Kat is one of the most exceptionally disciplined aerial performers in the UK, with a range of high energy, skilled and unique shows that set her apart. Her main aerial skill is chains, where she amazes crowds with her strength and flexibility and high threshold for pain! Kat trains for hours each day to keep her strength to a maximum and you can catch her perform most weekends with the Fuel Girls, whether it be Tattoo Shows, private parties or events. This is a performer who is completely dedicated to her art – and it shows! 
Kat's performances with the Fuel Girls at London Tattoo Convention last year really took the show by storm and this year things are going up a level, quite literally! You have to be there to see it and you will not be disappointed! 
AS well as performing, Kat has been making some beautiful hand made accessories for The Fuel Girls Store www.fuelgirlsstore.com so check them out online or come and see her hard work on the Fuel Girls merch booth at the show! 

Photography supplied by: The Fuel Girls and Creative Beast

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