Fuel Girls Stage: FUEL GIRL - Teta

Teta joined the Fuel Girls way back in 2008. She has grown up with the Fuel Girls both as a woman and as a performer, with her changing look, growing tattoo collection, but most of all her stage performance. 
Training hard over the years she has worked endlessly to develop her aerial skills and to create aerial performances that are strong, wild and beautiful. As a performer she is stunning and graceful to watch and the themes she uses capture her personality perfectly – whether it is her dark, sexually loaded Vampire shows or her wild and ferocious tribal shows, Teta captivates audiences from the minute she steps on the stage and her strong physique and balletic poise add something truly special that sets her apart. 
When performing with fire, Teta calls on her extensive ballet training and brilliantly mixes her balletic grace with metal music, bringing a completely unique and edgy performance to the stage. Her latest show see's her as Alice, from Alice in Wonderland, where she floats and spins over the stage effortlessly, then falls down the rabbit hole into a wild and dark firey performance focussing on her close up fire tricks and fire dance skills. 
Teta is currently a lead performer on on the Fuel Girls Inked Tour, performing all over the world at the best Tattoo Exhibitions in countries like Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Poland and Austria. Of course London Tattoo Convention is the peak show for the Fuel Girls and this is usually where they perform their new shows for the first time – on the Fuel Girls main stage. 
Teta is also one of the main performers on the Fuel Girls 'Masters of Dirt' European FMX tour, where her fire performances, with the rest of the Fuel Girls team are big enough to fill a stadium, alongside FMX riders, skaters, BMX'ers and the craziest stunts on two wheels. The Fuel Girls have been a part of the Masters of Dirt shows for over 10 years and this is their opportunity to really light things up in the biggest way possible!  
So this is the life of a Fuel Girl and Teta perfectly captures everything it is to be in the team! Not just a fantastic performer, but with an easy going, kind-hearted personality, making her the kind of girl you want to tour with! Endless flights, trains, rehearsals, parties, autographs, pictures, hotels and lack of sleep! But Teta takes it all in her stride and will always be there to meet fans amd say hello at any time and any show! 
You can see more of Teta on the Fuel Girls website and social media: 
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