Guests and Exhibitions: Raking Light Projects 2017


Raking Light Projects is proud to present two collections of fine art prints at the 2017 International London Tattoo Convention. They represent the spectrum of traditional print techniques and are designed to provide an aspirational and accessible selection of collectible artwork created by a diverse group of tattooers.

The first collection is a series of letterpress prints by Steve Byrne, Freddy Corbin, Deno, Rudy Fritsch, Thomas Hooper, Chad Koeplinger, Walter Mcdonald, El Monga, Robert Ryan, Toothtaker, Gregory Whitehead and more.

These prints will showcase the traditional print technique of letterpress printing and offer convention attendees a chance to purchase collectible, fine art prints at accessible prices. All artwork has been created specifically for the London Tattoo convention.

The second collection of artwork is a series of offset monotype prints that have been created and printed with master printer Paul Mullowney at Mullowney printing in San Francisco.

For the past year, Raking Light Projects has arranged for select artists to travel to San Francisco to work on offset monotype prints at Mullowney Printing. The artists typically spend three to five days working alongside Paul Mullowney and his team to learn about traditional printmaking techniques and to create monotype prints on an offset printing press, which allows for varied multiple results.

None of the artists have previous printmaking experience. No work was done beforehand; everything was created in the print studio.

This resulting body of work highlights the shared creative values found among tattooers and traditional printmaking.

Artists featured in the exhibit include Michael Aul, Alex Binnie, Freddy Corbin, Chad Koeplinger, Tim Lehi, Robert Ryan and Gregory Whitehead.