Guests and Exhibitions: The Art of Cam Rackam 2017


Cam Rackam is not a tattooist; he’s an artist who chose this path because he wanted to dedicate himself entirely to his inspiration and creativity. And to the concept of sex and death, which are magnificently conveyed in his skulls. 

“I like to keep the theme of my paintings linked to the fact that anyone can die easily. I like to follow along the contours of sex and death. Everyone can relate to that at a visceral level. I’m really interested in the memories which people leave behind when they die. As human beings we always try to immortalize our work, and what we leave behind is very important, in hindsight. In London Tattoo Convention everything I take will be exclusive, new pieces. I really like London and I want to do something special there. I’ll probably take 12-14 new pieces. Sizes will vary – sometimes I like to bring very small pieces and sometimes really big works."

The Art of Cam Rackam will be in the new Exhibtion area on Queyside at Tattoo Back Dock from the 22nd-24th September 2107.

Facebook: Cam-Rackam
Instagram: cam_rackam