Guests and Exhibitions: The Imperial Tattoo Army


This year, the 13th International London Tattoo Convention is excited to have a fantastic, totally unique art exhibition ‘The Imperial Tattoo Army’

The London Tattoo Convention has commissioned the following Tattoo Artists to paint elaborate tattoo influenced designs onto iconic canvases purchased from 

From around the world - Jondix, Hanumantra, Jordan Croke, Victor Chil, Maarten Emily, Lenu, Guen Douglas, Adam Hays, Vlady

The art exhibition will be displaying 3 Battle Spec bodysuits and 6 Battle Spec Stormtrooper helmets.  Each artist will bring their own style to deliver totally one-off pieces of art which in the future will be auctioned for charity.

This exhibition is exclusive to The London Tattoo Convention.  For those of you who are fans this will be an amazing experience combining the Dark Side of the Force with Tattoo inspired art - what more could you ask for !!

In 1976, prop maker Andrew Ainsworth was approached by fellow creator Nick Pemberton to create the original Stormtrooper costumes used for the first Star Wars movie. He created the prototypes for the helmets and armour, and after approval from Lucas, went into production to create the iconic trooper costumes used in the original films.  The original moulds Andrew used were stored safely in his SDS prop-house and after a near 30 year sleep; they have been dusted off and are once more in use to create the genuine trooper helmets.

Here is a sneak peak of what to expect from this exhibition. Designs by Lenu and Maarten Emily.

This exhibition is not endorsed by and has no connection to LucasFilm / Disney.