Tattoo Artist Interview - Shige

Shige is widely regarded as one of the best tattoo artists in the world, with his pioneering Japanese style winning multiple awards and gracing tattoo magazines across the globe. His work, deeply influenced by Japanese art and symbolism, is a unique take on a traditional and time-honoured style and his magnificently detailed bodysuits are instantly recognisable. Having spent time honing his craft with Filip Leu in Lausanne during his formative years, Shige emerged as one of the foremost tattoo artists in the industry, and works today from his private studio in Yokohoma. This week, we chat to Shige to discuss his roots, influences, and the story behind his latest poster design for The London Tattoo Convention…

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Tattoo Artist Interview - Shige, News, The International London Tattoo Convention 2017

New Artist Poster by Shige

The London Tattoo Convention is thrilled to present three exceptional posters for the 13th edition of our outstanding show, designed by world-class tattoo artists Shige, Julian Siebert and a collaboration between Stilian and Kaloian Smokov.

World-famous Japanese tattoo artist Shige of Yellow Blaze Tattoo, Yokohoma, was the artist behind our third poster release...

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New Artist Poster by Shige, News, The International London Tattoo Convention 2017

Artist of the week, Shige:

Shige was born in 1970 in Hiroshima, after being a mechanic of Harley Davidson in Yokohama he started to teach himself how tattoo since 1995 and he pursues original Japanese style.

Now his work recalls Japanese culture and tradition, but also much more. Eastern winds move the figures and stories of Shige, empowering them with fresh energy and an innovative expressive power which is almost photographic.
"It's important for people to understand that tattoos and art are two different things. Tattoos are art of course, but they are also life - changing and very important to the weather."

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Artist of the week, Shige:, News, The International London Tattoo Convention 2017