Tattoo Contest/Winners 2015

Always well-attended, the contests are considered the top moment and culmination of this event. Those on Sunday are always overflowing with the emotions, hopes, work and creativity of Tattooists and their clients.

The International London Tattoo Convention is sponsered by Tattoo Life, Tattoo Supplies UK and Uni Gloves Limited.

Saturday 2015 Competition:
Best of Day- Friday and Saturday

1st Place
Customer:  Vanessa Neziraj
Artist:  Debora Cherrys
Studio:  La Mujer Barbuda , Madrid, Spain

2nd Place
Customer:   Mill Younger
Artist:  Benjamin Laukis
Studio:  The Black Mark, Melbourne, Australia

3rd Place
Customer:  Ricarrdo Barroso
Artist:  Giovanni Sperenza
Studio:  Sperenza Tattoo, Vincenza, Italy

Sunday 2015 Competition:
Best Colour

1st Place
Customer:  Steven
Artist:  Steve Prizeman
Studio:  Eternal Art, Chelmsford,  Essex, UK

2nd Place
Customer:  Matthew
Artist:  Alex Rattray
Studio:  Red Hot & Blue, Scotland.  (Sponsered by Tattoo Supplies UK)

3rd  Place
Customer:  Nick
Artist:  Jamie Schene
Studio:  Black Anchor Tattoo Collective,California, USA


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best Black and Grey

1st Place
Customer: N/A
Artist:  Fernie Andrade
Studio:  Skin Design Tattoo, Las Vegas, USA

2nd Place
Customer:  Domeniko
Artist:  Antonio ‘Macko’ Todisco
Studio:  Macko Tattoo, Monopoli (Bari), Italy  

3rd Place
Customer:  Iain
Artist:  Yarson 
Studio:  Yarson Tattoo, Aberdeen, Scotland


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best Ornamental

1st Place
Customer:  Guntram
Artist:  Brent McCown (New Zealand)
Studio:  Tattoo Tatau, Carinthia, Austria

2nd Place
Customer:  Melinda
Artist:  Marco Manzo
Studio:  Tribal Tattoo, Rome, Italy 

3rd  Place
Customer:  Alexandra
Artist:  Agnieszka Kulińska
Studio:  Kult Tattoo Fest, Krakow, Poland


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best Backpiece/Overall Coverage

1st Place
Customer:  Iain Coyle
Artist:  Chris Crooks
Studio:  White Dragon Tattoo, Belfast, Northern Ireland

2nd Place
Customer:  Giovanni Sperenza
Artist:  Matteo Pasqualin
Studio:  Inker Tattoo/ Milano City Ink and Porto Viro/ Milan ,   Italy 

3rd  Place
Customer:  Lee
Artist:  Tang Ping
Studio:  Zi You Tattoo , Beijing, China


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best of Show

1st Place
Customer: Thomas Harlander
Artist: Julian Siebert
Studio: Corpse Painter Tattoo, Munich, Germany

2nd Place
Customer: Nando
Artist: Miguel Bohigues
Studio: V Tattoo, Valencia, Spain 

3rd  Place
Customer: Iain Coyle
Artist: Henrik Grysbjerg
Studio: Henrik Tattoo, Toulouse, France


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