Tattoo Contest/Winners 2014

Always well-attended, the contests are considered the top moment and culmination of this event. Those on Sunday are always overflowing with the emotions, hopes, work and creativity of Tattooists and their clients. Last year (2014) we were able to admire the smiling statuesque Sabina Kelley who was officiating on-stage at the awards ceremony and served as the fairy-godmother of this edition.

Saturday 2014 Competition:
Best In Show from London Tattoo Convention

  1. Ryan Evans (UK)
  2. Eric Marcinizyn (USA)
  3. Antonio Macko Todisco (Italy)

Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best Back Piece-Body Suit

  1. Shige, Yellow Blaze (Japan)
  2. Chris Crooks, White Dragon Tattoo (Northern Ireland)
  3. Multiple Artists (USA)


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best Colour

  1. Billy Hay, Bath Street Tattoo Collective (UK)
  2. Dimitry Samohin, Private Studio (Ukraine)
  3. Kid Kros, Casa Occulta (Croatia)


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best Ornamental

  1. Marco Galdo, Trafficanti d’Arte (Italy)
  2. Marco Galdo, Trafficanti d’Arte (Italy)
  3. Brent McCown, Tattoo Tatau (Austria)


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best Black and Grey

  1. John Finne, Evil Twins Heavenly Tattoo (Sweden)
  2. Ivano Natale, On the Road
  3. Josh Duffy, Black Castle Art Co. (USA)


Sunday 2014 Competition:
Best of Show

  1. Domantas Parvainis, Totemas Tattoo Studio (Lithuania)
  2. Alexis Vaatete, Vatican Studios (USA)
  3. Kostas Tzikaliagias, Dirty Roses (Greece)


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