Artwork by Christopher Lovell

Art Exhibition: Christopher Lovell

You might have spotted Christopher Lovell’s work on your favourite album cover, a t-shirt or even inked on skin – this UK-based artist has worked on hundreds of commissions within the alternative community. Fans of his ‘dark fantasy’ style will be excited to see his return to The London Tattoo Festival this summer, with an exclusive exhibition of brand new works.

Christopher Lovell is a UK-based illustrator and artist. Self-taught, Christopher’s artistic influences came to him early in childhood as he developed a deep interest in fantasy and sci-fi artwork. He was captivated by the toys, cartoons and films of his youth in the 80’s and 90’s which fuelled his imagination. These early influences provide him with an endless source of inspiration to this day.

Christopher started his art career as a designer for metal bands and alternative horror clothing companies. As his fan base grew, he began to channel his energy into personal projects, which later developed into his ongoing ‘Dark Nature’ series. Christopher finds that his best work is produced when he is able to work without restrictions, allowing his creative process to flow through the mediums that he is using; from traditional drawing on paper to acrylic paint on canvas.

Artwork by Christopher Lovell
Christopher Lovell working on a skull

Although he says his creativity tends to flow easily, Christopher spends countless hours (“morning to night – and sometimes until the following morning!”) drawing, painting, researching and managing his social media which is now home to a huge part of his fanbase. He also recently became a dad – and with the new challenges of parenthood, he’s had to find a whole new way of working and balancing family life as a self employed artist.

Artwork by Christopher Lovell
‘SUCCUBUS’ by Christopher Lovell

This year, Christopher has teamed up with his partner Jessika to help manage the admin that comes with being self employed, allowing him more time to focus on creating art. Together, they plan to expand the Lovell Art empire, attending more events, broadcasting videos on YouTube, arranging exhibitions and creating an exciting new online art mentoring program.

Artwork by Christopher Lovell
‘FAUNA’ by Christopher Lovell

Christopher’s art resonates deeply with the tattoo community. He receives daily requests for his art to be referenced for tattoos and of pictures of his art on skin. Christopher sees this “as an absolute honour” and is looking forward to returning to the London Tattoo Festival to exhibit a number of his paintings this year.

Visitors will be able to meet and greet the artist and can pick up prints, or enquire about purchasing original artworks. 


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