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Interview by: Friday 31 August 2018
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NR Project Presents: Jilted Perspective

As part of NR Project and tattoo artist Chaim Machlev's latest exhibition DotsToLines: Individualised, we are excited to reveal Jilted Perspective: a unique viewing experience of large-scale body artworks in a way never previously attempted.

The beauty of body art lies in its integration with the human form – its contours, organic lines, and diverse range of shapes. For the first time, an augmented reality (AR) installation of body art overcomes the limits of two-dimensional images of the art form, inviting viewers to appreciate these aspects of body art with the aid of 21st century technology.

This interactive installation of unexplored dimensions of body art is made possible by cutting-edge body scanning technology developed by DoubleMe and Microsoft HoloLenses. 

Experience this incredible augmented reality installation yourself at The London Tattoo Convention, September 28-29-30th. Advance tickets are now on sale