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Interview by: Saturday 1 September 2018
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Tattoo Photography by Tim Coleman

Tim Coleman is a multi-award winning photographer, documentary filmmaker and journalist.  

He has worked in press, radio, film and TV.

In 1985 he directed the TV documentary - 'Tattooing: Pigments of the Imagination' long before tattooing became popular. It is now a cult classic among tattoo aficionados.

As a photojournalist he worked for dozens of tattoo magazines including: Body Art in the UK, Skin and Ink in the US and Tatowier in Germany. For these publications he interviewed most of the world’s top tattooists.

A major exhibition of his photographs has just been shown in the Brunei Gallery in London last year.

His non-tattoo related print journalism and photographs have been published in dozens of magazines and newspapers worldwide including the UK national newspapers - the Independent and the Guardian.

Tim has also worked for BBC radio. During his period in radio he made programs in both science and arts slots. Some of these were selected as best programs of the week.

Despite this variety of work in different mediums Tim’s first love remains photography.

View Tim's fantastic collection of photographs, and watch his cult classic documentary 'Tattooing: Pigments of the Imagination' at The London Tattoo Convention, September 28-29-30th. Tickets are now available online