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Interview by: Wednesday 5 September 2018
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The Art of Cam Rackam

Cam Rackam at The London Tattoo Convention

You may know Cam Rackam best for producing the album artwork for rock group Avenged Sevenfold – but this only scratches the surface of his incredible catalogue of work.

Cam Rackam’s exquisite paintings play with concepts of sex and death; rich and darkly detailed, his works are both beautiful and macabre.

Rackam uses oil paint to bring his visions to life but is also an accomplished sculptor. Every painting is placed in one of his hand-sculpted frames, each individually crafted to compliment the piece.

 Of his inspirations, Rackam says: ‘I like to keep my paintings linked to the fact that anyone can die easily. I like to follow along the contours of sex and death. Everyone can relate to that at a visceral level. I’m really interested in the memories people leave behind when they die. As human beings, we always try to immortalise our work, and what we leave behind when we die is very important, in hindsight.’