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Jasmine Rollason
Interview by: Jasmine Rollason Friday 30 March 2018
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Artist Interview - Jondix

Jondix is a prominent figure in the world of tattooing. His unique blend of Eastern influences, complex geometric patterns and finely detailed dotwork – coupled with a deep spiritual understanding and humble attitude - has earned him a devoted following.

The London Tattoo Convention caught up with Jondix to find out more about his influences, inspirations and his love of the City…

What brought you into the world of tattooing and when did you start?

The Crossroad movie from ‘86 and the first Metal Hammer magazine I bought featuring Motley Crue were the spark of it all for me. After that, the first Barcelona Convention where I saw Tin Tin tattooing live and the book ‘Modern Primitives’ from Research both became a very big influence on my mind! Later Tattoo Life magazine came out featuring Mike the Athens and Tas and I went to get tattooed by them, which eventually led to them teaching the once noble art of tattooing. I started right after that, when they saw my drawings and paintings.... and attitude!

I understand you spent several years studying architecture before embarking on your tattoo career. How did this experience shape the way you work today?

I entered the Architecture University of Barcelona when I was 18 and stayed for 7 years; this experience taught me not to have any fear doing difficult or extra-complicated designs. It also allowed me access to the best art libraries in Barcelona, where I spent hundreds of hours and where I could absorb some good taste... or not! [Laughs]

You are extensively well travelled; how have these experiences influenced your tattoo style?

That's really one of the most important things in life! Tibetan, Thai and Hindu are my favourite styles of tattooing and I felt the need to go to those countries to study their art up close and also feel their culture in my own skin by living over there for some time and getting tattooed.

Which artists inspire you? 

In the past I took everything from my favourite tattooists Mike, Xed, Filip, etc, who also became best friends. Lately I can see many, many tattoos that inspire me, but not really actual tattooists. I still love humble, hardworking people and that's not easy to find... I get more inspiration from old painters or musicians.

You co-own the renowned Seven Doors Tattoo in East London. What is your favourite thing about the city?

I would say everything, ‘cause I love big cities... it's like the New York of Europe in a way. All the new cultural events happen here in London and it's nice to be in the centre of it. I like to be where the things are happening but I also like to spend some time in Barcelona for a different kind of inspiration…