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Jasmine Rollason
Interview by: Jasmine Rollason Friday 30 March 2018
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Artist Interview - Tim Hendricks

World renowned tattoo artist Tim Hendricks can turn his hand to any style and execute it with ease. Starting out in the early 90's, Tim's tattoo career has taken him around the globe but he remains one of the most humble and hardworking artists in the industry. The London Tattoo Convention chats to Tim to discuss his beginnings, inspirations and convention experiences...

What was your earliest experience with tattooing and when did you first embark on your tattoo career?

My first experience with tattooing was seeing homeboys in my neighborhood getting tattooed at "tattoo parties". I remember thinking to myself ‘I can do this’, so I went home and tried to make a homemade tattoo machine and failed miserably. After a couple of years of messing around with it here and there, I met a girl whose father sold tattoo machines, professional tattoo machines. I lucked out and was able to purchase one from him and he and I are still friends to this very day. His name is Rick Walters.

Your work has evolved to encompass a wide variety of styles, from portraits to bold Western traditional. Do you have a favourite style or subject matter?

My favourite style to tattoo is neo-traditional or bold traditional and my least favorite tattoo to do is a portrait by far. I only do portraits now on friends and family because of how much I dislike making them!

Tattooing has led you to travel the world; how have these experiences shaped your tattoo career and beyond?

Travelling the world has put me in the chair next to some great tattooers and either by watching them tattoo or by getting tattooed from them, I always learn something. Being in different places of the world and experiencing different cultures will always shape and mould you into a better artist.

What inspires you as an artist?

Everyday life, I'm not one of those guys that has to be sad to make a painting or a tattoo, f*ck that sh*t. I like being a happy person and the happier I am the more I create. Just live your life, inspiration will come.

You've been coming to The London Tattoo Convention for a number of years. Can you share a favourite memory or experience from the show?

Oh wow! There are too many good experiences to list. Every single year that I go to that convention something amazing happens. Whether I meet a new interesting or amazing tattooer or see some amazing exhibit, that convention has been my favourite time and time again.