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Jasmine Rollason
Interview by: Jasmine Rollason Friday 30 March 2018
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Artist Interview - Xoil

French tattoo artist Xoil is known for his unique 'Photoshop Style'; his work, inspired by collage, is modern and bold. The London Tattoo Convention talks to Xoil about his creative processes and thoughts on the future of tattooing...

How did you discover tattooing?

I do not know; I guess like most people, I saw tattoos on some on old man!

You have a unique approach to tattoo design, producing bold, graphic pieces. Can you share a little more about your creative process?

Well, I use a computer to create a picture that fits the needs of the client as "digital collage" with symbolism and visual tricks. But I do not have an art school background; I work a bit like a monkey and rely a lot on serendipity, and luck...

Which artists inspire you?

Everyone inspires me, from sculptors to tattoo artists. I absorb everything that catches my eye, even subtle details.

Outside of tattooing, what other mediums do you work with?

I might craft anything of any kind depending on my mood… or making more real collage with mixed media.

How do you see the future of tattooing?

Tough question, hard to tell. I guess we're gonna dig deeper in everywhere we've been, boundaries will get pushed further… I hope somebody will undertake a serious psychological and social study about "why". I’m sure it will happen, it is getting too big to say it is just about "fashion". I'd like to see more investigation about what tattooing really brings to us.