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Interview by: Thursday 13 June 2019
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HELL'S BELLS headline the Main Stage, Saturday 28th September

Hell's Bells headline the Main Stage, Saturday 28th September at The London Tattoo Convention.

It’s one of the greatest rock albums ever made, with the kind of deathless riffs to keep a convention of air-guitarists shredding for days. We’re talking, of course, about AC/DC’s multi-million-selling Back in Black – and now the opening track has lent its name to what GWR FM calls “Probably the greatest tribute to AC/DC in the universe”. The band’s native Bristol may be the other side of the world from Australia, but that doesn’t matter a damn when they sound this good.

Having spent the past 19 years covering songs from the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson years, they’ve collected a vast and loyal following, from Bahrain to Butlins, Coventry to the Czech Republic, and won plaudits from the likes of Don Airey (Deep Purple, Ozzy Osbourne, Gary Moore), who says, “Never go on after Hells Bells, they’re lethal”. They play this year’s London Tattoo Convention on Saturday night so remember... Hells Bells: they won't take no prisoners, won't spare no lives!

Catch Hell's Bells live at The London Tattoo Convention, Saturday 28th September on the Main Stage. Advance tickets are now on sale. Get yours today!