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Interview by: Wednesday 26 June 2019
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Meet and Greet: Makani Terror

Makani Terror was born and raised an only child in the small town of Duderstadt, Eichsfelder. Growing up, Makani was fascinated by alternative culture and fashion, and was a self-confessed ‘freaky and extravagant’ dresser even as a teenager.

With a wide-ranging variety of interests, from art and photography to philosophy and history, Makani studied hard during her youth, but ultimately found her way into the tattoo world when she became a body piercer and tattoo studio manager.

It was here that Makani discovered the fascinating possibilities of being on the other side of the lens; and she decided to pursue a new adventure in tattoo modelling.

During this time, Makani transformed herself to fit a new chapter in her life, leaving behind her birthname Kathrin Tölle and becoming Makani Terror. The term comes from the Hawaiian word ‘wind’. The wind signifies natural, wild inconsistency. The name Terror came from her favourite band.

These days, Makani is the proud co-owner of Fallout Tattoo, and has appeared on 42 magazine covers around the world, including America, Mexico, Ireland, Australia, Hungary, Spain, Taiwan and many more. She can be spotted in music videos for bands like Belphegor, Caliban and Falling in Reverse, and has shot campaigns for brands such as BMW Motorrad, Evonik Industries and Neutrik Electronics.

Modelling has facilitated the opportunity for Makani to travel around the world, where she loves to exchange with foreign cultures and meet new friends.

Together with the organization ‘Respektiere Leben’, Makani also fights for animal welfare, a true labour of love. As much as Makani has transformed since her days as the Eichsfelder country girl, she is still Kathrin Tölle under the skin. 

Meet Makani Terror at The London Tattoo Convention this September 27-28-29th.

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