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Interview by: Thursday 23 August 2018
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Meet The Fuel Girls: Charlotte

The sensational Charlotte has been a Fuel Girl for 10 years, and has travelled the world performing with the group. We chat about her love of tattoos, extreme sports and the highs and lows of being a performer on the road. 

You have been in the Fuel Girls for quite a long time – does it ever get boring? 

I have indeed, I believe I've been a Fuel Girl for nearly 10 years now... time flies, huh! Fuel Girls to me is family, it's what I know, live, and breathe, it could never be boring. If anything, with each year our hard work and determination means it gets better and better!

Is fire performing genuinely dangerous? Do you ever get nervous on stage? 

Fire is fire; it’s hot, unpredictable, and definitely dangerous! But that's why we have spent so long training in our field, to ensure we prevent any danger to ourselves or other people. It can be dangerous, but as with anything, you learn to fully understand how something works, to ensure you are as safe as humanly possible... as safe as one can be when running around in your pants breathing fire!

And yes, I do get nervous, but not on the stage - it’s usually just before I go on stage that I need a nervous wee! But once you're actually up there setting sh*t alight it all becomes really fun...

You travel a lot – what has been your favourite Fuel Girls show, and in what country?

Eek, how can one decide! We get to do such wicked stuff, honestly life with the Fuel Girls is just constantly a blast. I have to say I can't actually choose, I have two that will always have a special place in my heart. First comes my Masters of Dirt family, a freestyle motocross show we have worked with since day dot - we've literally toured the world together and I can honestly say they are the most INSANE group of party animals I have ever experienced! Let's just say we are banned from pretty much every hotel we stay in (oops).

Secondly the recent Fall Out Boy tour, headlining the main stage at Reading and Leeds festival. As an avid Reading fan, and also a Fall Out Boy fan, getting to be on tour with our own bus and ON the Main Stage with them HEADLINING... was just, well, too much. Those are my faves!

What was your first tattoo? What is your favourite and are there any that you regret?

My first tattoo was my toes, they say LOVE LIFE... I thought I'd go for something little first. My favourite tattoo is definitely my palms by the incredible Jondix, and probably my most painful! Nope, no regrets... not yet anyway!

If you could live in any city in the world, where would it be?

LA, for sure! I've visited quite a few times over the years and I just love the city, the beaches, the weather, the people! It's such a cool place with loads happening, reminds me of a more relaxed sunny London - everybody’s dream, right?

You work a lot at extreme sports events, which do you prefer, cars or motorbikes? Or something else? 

Personally, I'm much more into cars, but I know a lot more about bikes because we work at so many bike shows. I love to snowboard too, there's a pretty funny old Fuel Girl incident involving myself, a snowboard and TWO broken arms! So maybe I should be leaving it to the experts - ha!

What have you learned over the years as a performer? What's the most valuable piece of advice you could give to someone new?

Being a performer is amazing and I wouldn't change it for the world, but it really isn't as easy as it looks. You're constantly travelling, gig to gig, normally on no sleep, lugging a million bags covered in soot and looking a little bit worse for wear! So, I'd say what I have learned, and has definitely benefited me in life today, is to be more relaxed and less of a control freak. I can't say this tendency doesn't pop out every now and again though! For any new performer out there, just stick at it. Honestly, I commend you, there's so many performers now and it makes it a lot harder for new people to get out there, but it's totally possible with hard work and determination. I definitely sucked for a good few years ... shh! 

Are you more of a homebody, or a traveller? 

Traveller, for sure! I get ants in my pants if I'm at home for too long.

If you weren't a Fuel Girl what would you be? 

I studied makeup artistry at university for 4 years, so I think probably still something fun and creative like that. I've always wanted to do interior design too.

What is it you like most about the tattoo scene and being at a tattoo show?

The tattoo scene is so huge and broad it's hard to say what I love the most, I think probably the unity. It brings people from all over the world and all walks of life together as one big tattooed crew! I love that, there's this respect and understanding between people within the tattoo scene which is honestly a pleasure to be a part of. With tattoo shows specifically, my favourite thing about them is definitely finding new artists and getting to see some of the masters, and my favourite artists working away at incredible pieces. 

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