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Interview by: Monday 30 July 2018
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Meet The Fuel Girls: Kayla

This week, we chat to the gorgeous Kayla of The Fuel Girls. Find out why The London Tattoo Convention is Kayla's favourite place to perform...

Do you prefer modelling or performing?

Easily performing. My background is that of a musical theatre kid... the good old 'I've been dancing since I was 5' kind. As much as dressing up and being someone different in front of a camera is fun, nothing beats the adrenaline rush of a performance. There is no greater feeling than finishing what you've spent time rehearsing, nailing it, and actually getting to see your audience enjoying the hard graft you put in to entertain them!

You have just been over to America – what were you doing over there?

I was on that side of the pond to shoot the ‘Hot Shots’ calendar. Part of the proceeds go towards the Help for Heroes charity. I shot for the same company back in 2016, so it was delightful to catch up with people I know and have a few drinks watching sunsets after work every day! 

You went to see the other Fuel Girls perform in 'Inferno' Las Vegas on your trip – would you enjoy performing the same show every night or do you like travelling to different locations? 

I did indeed see it... it's AMAZING! I actually used to tour with shows quite a bit. I think ideally that's the best of both worlds for me. When you're on a tour bus and performing the same show, you don't have to worry about new choreography and which costumes you're taking to which job. You basically live in a world where the only responsibility you have is putting on a good show - THE DREAM!

Do you like working closely with a group of girls – is that hard? 

I love it. I have sisters so I'm absolutely in my element being around women. Being able to learn, laugh and cry with such inspiring and strong women as the Fuel Girls, and to call them your friends is wonderful... I could go without some of the mood swings at times though, ha! 

When did you have your first tattoo? What is it? 

I hate this question because my tattoo is a really basic and rubbish tattoo of what should be a rose on my right foot. I went to a bad artist and had the worst aftercare advice. I literally couldn't walk for a week because he said I could swim the day after, if I put Vaseline on it - worst advice ever! You'd have thought that would put me off eh...

Have you ever had a negative reaction to your tattoos? 

I think everyone who's got one, or many, can experience a negative response from people once in a while. I get far more compliments than I do negativity though; people have different mindsets and I'm ok accepting that that's just the way it is - we might as well just focus on the good. The only person I care that my tattoos upset is my Nana, no matter what the season, I'm in a long-sleeved turtleneck if she's about.  

What is your favourite inspirational slogan? 

'Todo para la familia' - everything for the family. It's pretty self-explanatory. Family is more than just your bloodline to me. The people I am lucky enough to share life with make the world go round. 

If you could sum up the Fuel Girls in one word or sentence what would that be?

Haha - there are no words that would do it justice!

What advice would you give to someone who wanted to start performing for a living?

Be prepared for times that feel like your soul is being destroyed, be prepared to be counting change paying for coffee for a while and wondering why you're spending more money than you're making on your profession. If you manage to make a breakthrough and a living off it, then it's the most amazing job you could have!

Do you enjoy performing at The London Tattoo Convention?

It's one of my favourite shows to perform, for many reasons. For one, it's the hometown of most of us Fuel Girls. It's one of the few weekends you see every Fuel Girl in one go, as we all come down and hang out even if we aren't all performing. It's a place where there are a lot of open minded, accepting people who really appreciate us as a group and as individuals. There are so many people to meet and learn from all in one place, it's pretty spectacular. 

Don't miss The Fuel Girl's breathtaking performances taking place all weekend at The London Tattoo Convention. Advance tickets are available to purchase now; get yours today!