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Interview by: Saturday 1 September 2018
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Meet The Fuel Girls: Teta

It's time to meet another of The Fuel Girls - this week, we chat to Teta, a classically trained dancer who combines her love of the art form with tattoos, heavy metal music and an impressive aerial & pyro skill-set. Read on to find out more... 

You have just come back from Las Vegas. What were you doing there?

For the last 7 months I've been performing on the Las Vegas strip in a show called ‘Inferno, The Fire Spectacular!’ It's a grand illusion and fire show starring Swedish illusionist Joe Labero, and of course The Fuel Girls bringing the heat!

Do you prefer living in the UK or the USA? Why?

It has been a fun experience living in the USA, but London is always home for me and I did miss it! Living in Vegas has been so fun, I'd never been before this show and it pleasantly surprised me.

How long have you been performing? What is your favourite skill?

I've been performing since I was 6 years old, but professionally for 12 years. Dance will always be my first love, although my new favourite skill is hanging from my neck with pyro in my hands. I enjoy making myself into a human firework!

What has been your best moment on stage so far?

The opening night of ‘Inferno’ was pretty emotional as to star in a production of that size, especially in Vegas, was just insane, such a bucket list dream of mine!

You are part of the Fuel Girls, when did you join and why?

I joined the Fuel Girls 10 years ago while I was working as a dancer. A friend of mine suggested I contact them explaining "they're a group of hot tattooed chicks who drink whiskey, dance to metal and breathe fire, you'd love it"! I thought it was the coolest thing in the world and I'm still going strong 10 years later.

The Fuel Girls have toured with Fall out Boy and Motorhead – what would be your favourite band to tour with now? Why?

Probably a band I've loved since my teenage years like Slipknot, or Blink 182 would be fun! I've always liked the idea of working with Alice Cooper who is obviously known for his theatrical stage shows. It would be cool to create something really grand.

Have your tattoos ever caused problems working as a performer?

Tattoos can sometimes rule you out of getting some mainstream work, it has never really caused a problem though. I've just had to adapt; obviously I won’t be auditioning for any ballet companies tattooed up, but it does open doors to other more interesting jobs.

Do you have any more tattoos planned?

Yes, I have a new piece booked in with my artist Inma very soon, it will be healed just in time for The London Tattoo Convention!

What can we expect to see from you at The London Tattoo Convention this year?

This year I will be coming with a new custom-made fire/aerial prop and debuting this at The London Tattoo Convention. I can't wait, I'm approving the designs as we speak!

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