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Interview by: Tuesday 30 July 2019
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The Dusk Brothers play the Roadhouse Bar, Saturday 28th September

The self-styled “dark, swamp blues” duo Dusk Brothers are siblings from Bristol with a fondness for leathers, cowboy hats and no-nonsense guitar music from John Lee Hooker to White Stripes.

But there the familiarity ends. The Moncrieff brothers also use self-built guitars, stomp boxes and junkyard instruments, such as old oil cans and pots and pans, to which they add gravelly harmonies and harmonica. They describe themselves as “two one-man bands playing simultaneously to make an incredibly huge sound”, and you can grab a taste of that on their debut EP, Storms, Rums, Liars and Guns, and catch them at the London Tattoo Convention on Saturday 28th September.

See The Dusk Brothers perform live on the Roadhouse Bar Stage, Saturday 28th September at The London Tattoo Convention. Tickets are now on sale - get yours today!