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Interview by: Thursday 15 August 2019
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Biff's Jack Shack - Filthy AF Vegan Junk Food

Whether you’re a committed carnivore, meat-swerving ‘Reducetarian’ or a fully paid-up member of the Temple of Veganism, Biff’s Jack Shack has something truly droolworthy for you, courtesy of the “world’s  weirdest fruit”.

Biff Burrows and Christa Bloom are on a mission to serve up a range of delicious, indulgent meat alternatives, including their own spin on blue ‘cheese’, 'bacon' jam, and “London's only vegan poutine”.

And of course, their “totally unique and totally filthy” signature dish – crispy fried jackfruit, which they also braise, double-dip, and turn into meat-free burgers and wings. They’re certainly living up to their motto: “Filthy AF, Vegan AF”...