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Interview by: Thursday 15 August 2019
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Deeney's Toasties - The Spirit of Scotland

We are pleased to welcome Deeney's Toasties to The London Tattoo Convention for the first time.

“Like a highland breeze wafting up your kilt” is how Deeney's describe their fresh, tasty Scottish-themed toasties, from their signature ‘Hamish MacBeth’ (haggis, bacon, cheddar, onions, rocket and mustard) to the likes of ‘Roberto the Bruce’ (oven-roasted chicken and mozzarella) and good old Cheesy Leeks. Deeney's co-founder Carol was born and bred in a Scottish café – and it’s obviously rubbed off on her.

We can’t wait to welcome them for the first time to the London Tattoo Convention and post show you can catch them on Saturdays at Broadway Market in Hackney, or at their permanent home, Deeney’s Café in Leyton.