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Jasmine Rollason
Interview by: Jasmine Rollason Wednesday 11 July 2018
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Art Exhibition: Stay True Skateboards

Based at True Black Tattooing in Dublin Ireland, YOGI XIII runs the Stay True tattoo artist exhibition.

Over 100 skateboards were given to tattoo artists to customise, resulting in a stunning display of skateboards in every tattoo style imaginable.

The exhibition at The London Tattoo Convention 2018 will be the last time all the boards are seen together before they are auctioned for a suicide awareness charity.

The exhibitions are designed to showcase tattooers with their peers, and include artists from all around the world.

For the latest phase of the exhibition in London, tattoo artists contributing to the exhibition are from studios including 1770, Frith Street Tattoo, Low Rider, Parliament Tattoo, Sang Bleu and Seven Doors.

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