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Interview by: Friday 6 September 2019
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Body Piercing by Wildcat at The London Tattoo Convention

Wildcat have been supplying the piercing industry with top quality products since 1989 and continue to produce timeless jewellery to suit all tastes. Come see for yourself at this year's London Tattoo Convention - and if you're feeling brave, you can get a shiny new piercing from the experienced Wildcat team!

Wildcat founder John Donoghue began cooking up ideas for the brand as early as 1986, after observing a lack of choice and quality in the piercing jewellery available on the market.

He began studying and working on creating a range of jewellery that would radically change the piercing industry for the better. Officially founding Wildcat in 1989 (settling on the name after being inspired by a documentary on big cats), the company grew rapidly in a new and exciting piercing scene. 

In the years that followed, Wildcat grew to extend its business across Europe, made huge leaps within the piercing industry (developing flesh tunnels, Healium jewellery and more) and embarked on many exciting collaborations - including crafting all of the jewellery for the Lord of The Rings movies!

Over 30 years have passed since John Donoghue began studying the process of making jewellery, and Wildcat is still producing timeless pieces - always staying Wild.

We are thrilled to welcome Wildcat back to The London Tattoo Convention this September 27-28-29th where visitors can purchase jewellery or even get a brand new piercing, courtesy of Wildcat's talented team of piercers. 

Find Wildcat in room SV6 in the Vaults trader area. Pre-booking is not required but photo ID must be presented on the day as proof of age for all piercing procedures.