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Miki Vialetto
Interview by: Miki Vialetto Thursday 29 March 2018
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Claudia Ducalia Poster

The London Tattoo Convention is proud to present the first 2018 poster from Claudia Ducalia.

Claudia Ducalia was born in the springtime, in a Rome which was slowly emerging from a period of great political turmoil.

Art immediately deciphered everything for her, as she lived and breathed for it alone, and slowly created what would later become her identifying artistic triangle: illustration, painting, tattooing. After completing a formal art education, Ducalia sketched out her propensity for two artistic techniques which lie at the extreme ends of tradition and avant-garde: oil painting and digital painting.

Two contrasting tools which, in her hands, helped immortalize her visions.

Ducalia’s iconography is characterized by female faces and bodies which link childhood to adolescence, as they travel from an unconscious cruelty to an instinctive sensuality.

These images create an internal conflict, alternating the ambiguity of the masks which the world shows us. Often they are accompanied by totemic animals which are indispensable and essential for this artist.

Stylistically, Ducalia evokes and celebrates the influences of surrealistic pop culture and the California lowbrow movement. At the end of the 90’s she approached tattoo art and slowly but surely built this into her occupation and her life. She has illustrated books for children and adolescents for independent publishing houses. She has also overseen the artistic realization of many CDs and LPs in the music sector and has shown her paintings in Italy, Europe and finally in the USA – California, to be exact – where she participated in a collective exhibition, after which she made a name for herself in the States with her first solo show.