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Jasmine Rollason
Interview by: Jasmine Rollason Tuesday 26 June 2018
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Exhibition: The Art of Eddy Deutsche

Tattoo illustrations by Eddy Deutsche

Tattoo illustrations by Eddy Deutsche

The London Tattoo Convention are delighted to present an exclusive exhibition of tattoo illustrations by Eddy Deutsche, presented by Raking Light Projects.

Eddy Deutsche became enchanted with the world of tattooing at a young age. Taking inspiration from the punk rock scene in his home city of Detroit, Michigan, he hand-poked his first tattoo on his own hand, aged 12. This sparked the beginning of a life-long relationship with tattooing. A young Eddy travelled up and down the country seeking an apprenticeship, encountering legends of tattooing such as Bob Roberts, Mark Mahoney and Paul Rogers along the way.

His big break came in the form of an invitation from Don Ed Hardy, who asked Eddy to accompany him on a work trip to Tokyo. Eddy jumped at the opportunity, and the rest is history. Six months later, Hardy opened the famed Tattoo City and invited Eddy to work alongside him at the studio.

Eddy opened his own shop ‘222 Tattoo SF’ in 1996, and worked there alongside renowned artists such as Jeff Rassier, Scott Sylvia and Juan Pente. Today, Eddy Deutsche works from his own private studio and travels the world working as a guest artist.

“During my career I have had the good fortune to be tattooed by many great artists who inspire me and continue to do so.  I always try to have the capability to create many styles and looks.  Playing with new things and combining old things help my versatility and flow.  I feel these are my strong points.”

Fine art publishers Raking Light Projects are proud to present a collection of tattoo illustrations by Eddy Deutsche. The artwork captures Eddy at the early peak of his 35+ year tattoo career and shows his bold creativity and influence then and now. This is the first time that Eddy's tattoo illustrations have been publicly exhibited. 

These pieces and many more will be featured in a forthcoming book of illustrations and tattoos by Eddy Deutsche. The book is currently in production and expected to be released this winter.

Don’t miss this exclusive exhibition at The London Tattoo Convention this September 28-29-30th.