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Jasmine Rollason
Interview by: Jasmine Rollason Tuesday 12 June 2018
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Special Guest: Mark Mahoney

The London Tattoo Convention are proud to welcome legendary tattooer Mark Mahoney as our special guest. Mark Mahoney will be meeting and greeting fans throughout the weekend, and will join the expert judging panel at our much-anticipated Tattoo Competition.

The founding father of fine line black-n-grey, Mark Mahoney is a true icon of tattooing. With a plethora of high-profile clients and a rich history in the craft, Mahoney’s list of enthralling anecdotes is as long as his star-studded waiting list.

Mahoney’s inimitable style and exquisite artwork has earned him worldwide fame, and his Shamrock Social Club studio is a treasured fixture of LA’s Sunset Strip.

Always impeccably dressed, Mahoney evokes an era of tattooing that has long been forgotten, with his mobster-style threads and silver pompadour. His timeless image and charm has led to castings in major Hollywood productions, and superstars such as Johnny Depp and Lana del Rey cite him as a muse.

Mahoney’s first encounter with tattoos occurred when he was aged just 14, upon discovering Buddy Mott’s Tattoo Spot in Rhode Island. He was quick to fall in love with the craft. Mahoney spent the early years of his career tattooing biker gangs before moving to New York, where he settled into a burgeoning punk rock scene. Here, Mahoney tattooed the likes of Johnny Thunders and Sid Vicious from the Chelsea Hotel.

The distinctive fine line tattooing that made Mahoney world-famous took shape when he headed west to The Pike, in Long Beach California. The infamous amusement park, with its close proximity to naval ports, was a mecca for tattoo shops, and it was here that Mahoney refined his signature style.

Mahoney opened his now-legendary Sunset Strip studio, Shamrock Social Club, in 2002. His journey to the top was never an easy one; rocked by a heroin addiction he developed during his time tattooing in New York, Mahoney managed to overcome his dependency more than 25 years ago with a tough stint in rehab and the help of his wife Nicole. 

Mark Mahoney is a rare breed. Despite his A-list celebrity connections and an arsenal of captivating tales to tell, he has never lost his edge. At his core, Mahoney is a true traditional tattooer with old-school values, who believes in giving his clients an authentic experience.  

These days, clients can expect to wait many months for a chance to be tattooed by Mahoney; but those lucky enough to have experienced his skilful and genuine approach to the craft understand what makes him worth the wait.

Don't miss the chance to meet Mark Mahoney at The London Tattoo Convention, this September 28-29-30th. Tickets are now available to purchase online.