Artwork by Dan Lane

The Sculptural Art of Dan Lane: An Exhibition

Each of Dan Lane’s sculptures is the result of months of meticulous searching and collecting found materials. Most begin with a central figure which inspires him, and he will then spend countless hours building a mechanical world around it.

He is inspired by the sculptures found in churches and cathedrals around the world, in particular the presence and mood of the over-the-top Baroque styling of the Italian sculptor and architect Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Nature also influences his art, with many pieces featuring flowers, insects and birds. Dan’s engineering background has inspired his love of construction, and he leaves mechanical structural elements on show to allow a strong piece to appear more vulnerable.

Artist Dan Lane with one of his sculptures

Dan describes his work as “…an invite into my intricate imagination; my dark yet beautiful world of nature against an industrial back drop.”

Artwork by Dan Lane
Artwork by Dan Lane

His work is beloved by collectors around the world. Visitors to The London Tattoo Festival will be able to enquire about purchasing the pieces on display.

Artwork by Dan Lane

This year, Dan will also participate in a very special project in partnership with Gretsch Guitars, producing a customised guitar to be auctioned in aid of music therapy charity Nordoff Robbins. Exclusive to The London Tattoo Festival, the bidding will take place online over the event weekend and the guitar will be shipped to the lucky winner.

Don’t miss this exhibition at The London Tattoo Festival, 31st July-2nd August 2020. Advance tickets are now available to purchase online


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